Thank you for your interest in my writing and observations; so many friends, fans and followers of my written work have downloaded these that I am honored and humbled by the amount of interest you have shown in my efforts.

I am just trying to make a difference by sharing a bit of what has shaped my playing and sharpened my focus over the past few years. Now I am thinking about putting a few of these pieces into a book of some sort, but I like how folks can just come here, download what they are interested in and do something with it - post it on a board, post it up at school, in a dorm, on a fridge... wherever, so others might find something in these pieces that they can relate to.

So please, continue to download, print and distibute whatever works interest you and the next time you do, please consider donating something - whatever you can, and whatever you feel makes sense... because a bit of money makes all the difference for a few gallons of gas, a few more pencils, a bit of paper and an occassional Happy Meal when needed.

My goal is simply to make a difference somehow, in some way, and leave this place better than when I found it by contributing what I can.

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